Atlanta had two large demonstrations against the American Election.

The first night hundreds of people flooded downtown and midtown with chants of “Fuck Trump” and “Love Trumps Hate.” Unsuccessful attempts were made to rush the Phillips Arena in order to shut down the NBA game. It resulted in shoving matches with police and security. Aspiring peacekeeping leaders attempted to calm people down with no success. Fans poured out of the arena upon the conclusion of the game, with many joining, but some shouting racist bullshit like “Build the wall.” Bigots were punched and/or shoved to the ground. Police had to rescue them by sprinting into the crowd and establishing a line.


The second night, one thousand people gathered in Old Fourth Ward near a bourgeois shopping district. People again flooded midtown and downtown streets, lit flares, burned half a dozen U.S. flags and pile of placards, started dumpster fires and attempted to outmaneuver police vehicles and make it onto the I-85/I-75 freeway. I am confident that if a determined group of people pushed through police lines, we could have made it through because we vastly outnumbered them, but there wasn’t an organized group of people willing to do so. An extremely vocal minority of Hillary Clinton supporters and leftist-liberals played a pacifying role in the demonstration by screaming at people throwing chairs in Ponce City Market, demanding that people extinguish their flares, pulling barricades and traffic barrels back onto the sidewalk and suppressing the dumpster fire.

Atlanta Against the Election

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