Anti-fascist activists storm restaurant hosting neo-Nazi, alt-right NPI dinner

On the 18th of November, the “suit-and-tie Nazi” National Policy
Institute (NPI)attempted to hold a quiet dinner meeting on the subject
of white supremacy at an Italian restaurant on Wisconsin Ave called
Maggiano’s. Anti-fascist protesters stormed the restaurant and got most
of the way up the stairs to the second floor where NPI was meeting.
Eventually activists withdrew to the outside of the restaurant, with
many of the orginary, non-Nazi supporting diners on the first floow
bursting out in applause for the performance of the protesters in
confronting the Nazis upstairs in this tense time of Donald Trump.
Outside, anti-fascists kept up a noisy dance party with a sound
system,pots and pans, and other noisemakers until NPI slinked out a back
exit. One who left early had a police officer summon a cabdriver who
was then forced to give the Nazi a ride. Had he refused in front of
police he would have risked an expensive ticket under a regulation
normally used against cabdrivers who refuse rides to African-Americans.
Originally the Nazis were going to meet at The Hamilton, a hotel
downtown but the Hamilton refused to host NPI after finding out who they
really are. They then tried to throw off antifascists by claiming they
would meet at Trump Hotel at 7PM to walk elsewhere. About 60 people
held a protest at Trump Hotel, but they started at 6PM with more than
enough time to be redirected when the true meetup point was
found:Friendship Heights Metro. From there the Nazis were tracked to
Maggiano’s, which one protesters said should be renamed “Mussolini’s”
for hosting fascists after being clearly told by the protesters just who
they are.


Producer DC Direct Action News

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