Athens, Greece: Statement from Anarchist Black Cross Solidarity Cell

Insurrection News

img_1515ABC Solidarity Cell Statement
Exarcheia Commune, Athens

Historical information about anarchist black cross is pretty limited. However, according to Rudolph Rocker (cashier of the London anarchist black cross), anarchist black cross (also known as anarchist red cross (arc) was founded between  1900 and 1905. It is possible that these dates are not very precise. According to Harry Weinstein, one of the two founders of the organization, it started after his arrest during July or August 1906. As soon as he was released, Weinstein, together with others, offered clothes to anarchists that had been sentenced to exile in Siberia. The above were the first stages of abc. According to other sources, abc was founded in 1907.

However, there is no doubt on why abc was founded. It was formed through division from the political red cross (prc). prc was controlled by social-democrats and denied to support anarchist and social revolutionaries political…

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