Greece: Messages of “Fire to the Slaughterhouses”

from Bite Back

anonymous report: “Tonight, 23/12/16 we vandalized again a meat shop and a fish shop in Nea Philadelphia (Athens), Greece. We already have vandalized the same meat spot four times, and the same fish shop two times. We painted both shops with red color which symbolizes the blood of the 3 billion innocent animals who die every week. Our message was FIRE TO SLAUGHTERHOUSES. We wont stop till we achieve complete animal liberation. Next time it wont be just a graffiti.”

received anonymously:

“A fish shop and a butcher shop named meat spot at Nea Philadelfeia (Athens), Greece, were vandalized on December 20. Both pave-walk, store walls and show window were painted with red paint which symbolizes the blood of innocent animals. The graffiti, FIRE ON SLAUGHTERHOUSES, made our message clear. Same meat spot has already been vandalized two more times, and it’s not over yet.”

According to media reports, four butcher shops in Patras were vandalized early on December 17. Windows were broken, and “Fire to the slaughterhouses” and other slogans were painted on the shops and on vehicles.


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