From Movement to Space: The Anarchist Open Assemblies

from movement to space cover

This short essay from author A.G. Schwarz discusses the assemblies used by anarchists in Greece and explores the ways in which this approach might be used by anarchists in the United States. Most notably, Schwarz argues that for the assemblies to “work” anarchists in the U.S. must begin conceptualizing themselves in a new way, thinking of anarchy not as a “movement” but as a “space” where different ideas come into contact with each other. The author argues that in Greece, anarchists respect a plurality of approaches and initiatives and actively resist efforts to consolidate anarchists into a single organization or movement.

Excerpt from From Movement to Space: The Anarchist Open Assemblies

The Greek anarchists generally do not talk about an anarchist movement because they do not see a singularity of direction or a shared set of boundaries. The anarchist space has many different clusters and constellations but no center point. It would be infinitely poorer if it were reduced to a single star. The open assemblies reflect this self-understanding.


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