‘Shame on you!’: Protesters chase Lou Dobbs and ‘anti-gay bigot’ ex-NC Gov. Pat McCrory down DC street

Pat McCrory (Youtube)

North Carolina’s Republican former Gov. Pat McCrory did not receive a warm welcome when he was recognized on the street in Washington, D.C. on Friday.

According to the Raleigh News and Observer, Facebook user Udai Basavaraj posted a three-minute video of protesters pursuing the former Duke Power executive while chanting, “Shame on you!” and calling him an “anti-gay bigot.”

McCrory — who was accompanied Friday by conservative TV host Lou Dobbs — helped push through North Carolina’s so-called “Bathroom Bill,” House Bill 2, which ultimately cost the state an estimated $400 million in revenue due to boycotts and relocation of college athletic events.

H.B. 2 not only ordered all transgender people to use restrooms and public facilities corresponding to the gender listed on their birth certificates, the law also forbade any citizen from suing any municipality for any form of discrimination at the state level. Any litigants suing for discrimination must sue at the federal level, which is more expensive and often materially more difficult.

In the video posted on Friday, McCrory and Dobbs’ party are pursued down an alley where they wait to be admitted to a private building. None of the protesters were violent or threatening toward the group.

Police eventually ordered the protesters to move on.

Watch the video, embedded below:


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