Anti-Semitic Valentines day card at CMU

Central Michigan Life, a student run newspaper reported a anti-semitic v-day card was allegedly handed out  to students at Anspach Hall by a member of the school’s College Republicans chapter.

The card with adolf hitler’s face on it read: “My love for you burns like 6,000 jews”

The president of Central Michigan University, College Republicans, told the student run newspaper that the card was not the only type of card that been put inside of gift bags. And it was handed out to only members of the organizations valentine’s day party.

A picture of the card was allegedly posted on facebook, when people started to notice it.

The college republicans posted an apology on facebook. Stating they were unaware of the card and they were not the ones distributing it.

The school’s administration told the Washington Post that they were investigating if the photo was legitimate.

2 thoughts on “Anti-Semitic Valentines day card at CMU

  1. When the POTUS bans Muslins and is lauded by white supremacists, people on the fringes feel like they’re in the center.


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