Extrem (-isten) against the AfD!

It is so far the AfD Elbe-Elster wants to catch up on 16.02.2017 their once displaced demonstration against “extremism and violence” in Finsterwalde. Your lift and the choice of your theme are a clear provocation against the antifascist structures in Finsterwalde. As is already known, racists and right-wing structures in the left-hand-out city of Finsterwalde have hardly any chance to gain a foothold due to massive and numerous counter-attacks. The AfD regularly tries to disseminate its racist incitements through its main tables and finally to get a stand in the city by opening its office. A few hours after its opening, the AfD was made aware that they are not welcome here and that their opening of the office will not be without consequences. After several attacks on their shop windows, the AfD now tries with this demonstration to the citizens of Finsterwalde against the left structures. We will not allow the AfD to put all the left structures into the extremity track!

We call you all, come to the Stadtpark Finsterwalde on Thursday, 16.02.2017 at 6:30 pm, to prevent the demonstration of the AfD together!

Finsterwalde is and remains RED! Racists and Nazis from the city!


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