Femmes to the Front: A radical march and action

from Facebook

We have seen a predominantly white, liberal front in the past few months. Specifically, the Women’s March had failed to include women & femmes of color everywhere by ignoring intersectionality, racial equality, and the struggle against white supremacy. We are calling for a united and militant approach. We are tired of white-led protests. We are tired of white people taking up space. We are tired of the liberal agenda that the Democratic Party will somehow save us.

NO MORE “Love Trumps Hate”, “We Are The Majority Vote”, “Pussy Grabs Back”, “Her Body Her Choice”, etc. The revolution will start here in Philadelphia and it will be of color.

It is crucial for us, as women & femmes of color, to gather in a collective space to mourn, express anger, and display solidarity towards each other. Past protests have failed to show the people how to stay involved in community organizing. We know that marching isn’t enough. We know protesting is only the first step. That is why we have organized a *mostly* all day event where we will start out rallying and listening to women & femmes speak about their experiences, then taking the streets, and finally asking organization representatives to follow through and introduce protesters to organizational work.

We are asking you to dress in black and mask up if you can. The purpose of this is to challenge how society perceives women & femmes of color. Nothing intimidates White Amerikkka more than masked Black & Brown women/femmes. The purpose of masking up is not only to prove a point but also to provide all of you safety.

We will come together the weekend leading up to President’s Day. This event is open to everyone regardless of your race, sexuality, sexual preferences, class, disability, religion, etc. HOWEVER, we are asking that if you are white and are planning to come to this event, that you understand your role in providing safety to women/femmes of color.

[February 18 12PM Location tba]

Keep updated on following announcements, educational posts, and what to expect of this direct action.

If you are from a left-wing and/or socialist organization who want to reach out to us, feel free to message our page or email us at:


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