Yesterday three people blockaded the world headquarters of Citizens Bank in downtown Providence, urging the bank to cut ties with Sunoco Logistics.

Citizens Bank is lending $72.5 million to Sunoco Logistics, a pipeline company pushing toxic fossil fuel projects across the continent – including the Dakota Access Pipeline, the Bayou Bridge Pipeline in Louisiana, the Trans-Pecos Pipeline in Texas and the Mariner East Pipeline in Pennsylvania.

The trio blocked the main entrance to the headquarter building for forty five minutes before they were extracted and arrested. The action came after two attempts to meet and negotiate with Citizens Bank in February. Both attempts resulted in Citizens Bank calling security and police on community members.

We are demanding that Citizens Bank immediately cut their line of credit to Sunoco Logistics. Please support the #ShameOnCitizens Campaign by closing your Citizens Bank accounts. If you live in the Rhode Island area, we are inviting people to join us next week to publicly close your accounts with Citizens. Register Here.

There are also legal and other costs associated with yesterday’s action. Please help us cover those costs by donating today.


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