By Any Means Necessary

Edinburgh Antifa

The name “Antifa” has a lot of stigmas that surround it. For many people, or at least the people who don’t support it, it conjures the thought of masked thugs violently attacking anyone they view as an “enemy” or target. People associate many negative things with Antifa and Antifa groups, some of the general public and most of the far right even view Anti-Fascists as terrorists, likened to that of Daiesh (So called Islamic state) and the Taliban.

However, this is only the face of Anti-Fascism, one that most people don’t even promote themselves but one that many inexperienced Antifa’s or people new to the scene seem to romanticise and unfortunately, their voices are the loudest. While violent acts do play a major role in Anti-Fascism it is not the only tool that we, as a movement, have and nor is it the only one that we should use.

Around a…

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