Narrm / Melbourne: Blockade at MITA refugee detention center to prevent the deportation of ‘Saeed’

Insurrection News



Close the Camps Action Collective are blockading the MITA Detention Centre in Broadmeadows in solidarity with asylum seeker “Saeed” (not his real name).

“Saeed is weak from a hunger strike but the Department of Immigration and Border Protection intend to send him back to danger in his country of origin where he is at real risk of persecution.

“Saeed” came to Australia with his brother on the same boat. His brother’s refugee claim has been accepted but Saeed’s has been denied. The Federal court has told Saeed that the merit of his appeal cannot be heard because he took too long to put it in.

“Saeed” does not speak English and was never told that he had the right to appeal his original flawed refugee determination decision.

He says “Please do not deport me, I am human being too.”

Media contacts: Gaye 0414 580 851

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