Pastelitxs strike back! No to Nationalist Assimilation!


antifa dallas

Downtown Dallas was a veritable Red, White and bleh parade of liberal and hetero

C9BJpHCUIAAZemB.jpg large This baby showing support with those pastel chanclas!

normative patriotism Saturday. But out of the fray an anti fascist pastel Bloc emerged with a message to the liberal organizers and residents of Dallas and beyond:

We do not have to surrender who we are to have the right to exist. We fight for a world where Queer, Undocumented, Black, Trans, Muslim or poor people not only have the right to survive but to thrive.

We recognize there can be no peace with the violent state that upholds this violent capitalist white supremacist system.

Report Back:

Since the Dallas Mega March was mostly oppressed people in Dallas, we did not want to come in traditional bloc attire, as there was a potential to alienate the masses. The liberal organizers, who chose to make the red, white, and…

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