Photo post: phenomenal women


We have all, by now, seen the following photo of Iesha Evans, taken in 2016 during Baton Rouge protesting:

There are many other photos of this quality, yet they are (unsurprisingly) sparsely circulated. Here is a round up of some of the best images I can find that showcase female bravery, class, and dignity. Happy tuesday!

Tess Asplund, Borlänge, Sweden (2016) – photographer David Lagerlöf.

Unidentified (to my knowledge) Ethiopian-Israeli woman, Tel Aviv, Israel (May 2016) – photographer unknown to me.

Unidentified (to my knowledge) girl on her walk to school, Shuafat Refugee Camp, West Bank, Jerusalem, Israel (16 March 2010) – photographer Ammar Awad.

Jasmin Golubovska, Skopje, Macedonia (2016) – photographer Ognen Teofilovski.

Amanda Polchies, Rexton, NB (17 October 2013) – photographer Ossie Michelin.

Unidentified (to my knowledge) woman during a teachers’ protest, Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Both date and photographer unknown to me.

Sarah and Sophie Johnsons, Glasgow, UK…

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