Pro-Festo of the Prostitutes’ War Group

Insurrection News


We are the whores of the worst nightmare of the shitstem.

PWG is an internationalist collective of anarchist revolutionary queer insurrectionist PROSTITUTES: rising up to realise our power, using our pro-fessional ILLEGALIST skills to sabotage our ideological enemies. We will disarm and ultimately destroy those who perpetuate the Social War against us – WAR that is inherent in the fascistic capitalistic Shitstems imposed on us. They try to render us powerless conformists, through their sick perversions of ‘Judeo- Xtian Morality’, ‘Law & Order’, and ‘Justice’ – that only serve to emotionally, spiritually and physically RAPE us.

MALA-PRO-PISMS: 1. Some purported Anarchists believe Prostitutes to be exploited within a standard superficial gendered framework. We reject this, we are utter Transgressives and Iconoclasts. There are no binaries, only the maximal fluidity of gender and sexuality which we gloss as QUEER. We intrinsically reject and transgress all…

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