On Otto Rühle’s Manifesto of Left-Opportunism


Recently, the anti-Bolshevik pamphlet “The Struggle Against Fascism Begins with the Struggle Against Bolshevism” by German left-communist Otto Rühle from 1939 has caused turmoil within numerous leftist circles.

His pamphlet seeks to undermine the Marxist-Leninist approach to socialist revolution in its fundamental key points and “criticizes” the praxis of the Russian revolution, calling Soviet Russia and the USSR the “principal fascist world-wide”, even superior to Nazi Germany.

Rühle begins the pamphlet by repeating (quite a fundamental factor of his argumentation) his thesis over and over again, each time worded differently: “[Soviet] Russia is the example for fascism. It must be placed first among the new totalitarian states.”

In attempting to prove this theory he is not only unable to concisely explain why this is the case, but also to cite any sources that would backup his incredible claims. He fully believes that his word is evidence enough. Furthermore, he explains…

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