An Open Letter

Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists

An open letter to the folks attempting to doxx Anti-Fascists:

So you want to doxx us? You want to reveal to the world that we are… what exactly? Communists? Anarchists? Violent thugs? Privileged white college students? Social Justice Warriors? Queers? Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and non-binary-but-still-valid family in the fight against oppression?

Look, dox away. We’ll have to go to work and admit to our friends and communities that “Yea, I think cops should stop killing black people and I think gays should be able to marry and I think transgender people should be able to live their fucking lives without constant harassment. I think poor people shouldn’t have to live substandard lives because they’re poor. I think corporations shouldn’t own everything. I think the rich need to give back to their society and not just mine it for profit. I don’t think we should be bombing and invading other…

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