Neo-Colonial Pact Promises 34,000 Troops to Fight “Islamic Terror”

After arriving in Saudi Arabia, Trump joined an assembly of delegates representing 55 predominantly Muslim states on sunday in order to discuss ordering the creation of a reserve force of more than 34,000 soldiers in order to combat “islamic terrorism” with an emphasis on the Islamic State. The drafted agreement also stated that in the course of their fight against “terrorism” and “islamic extremism” they would also target the sources of intellectual and material support for the groups which operated on the ground, of which he identified Iran as being primary. The declaration is an open declaration of imperialist and neo-colonial war, hosted by both the united $tates and its dog Saudi Arabia, two states responsible for far more misery and death than either Iran or Yemen, two countries specifically targeted by this agreement and imperialism in general.[1]

It is certainly true that the Islamic State is not the representative of…

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