March Against Sharia – Denver June 10th

Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists

On June 10th at 3PM at the Denver Capitol, ACT For America will be hosting a March Against Sharia. While the organizers are attempting to brand this event as a human rights event, protesting sharia law and female genital mutilation (despite the fact that FGM is a cultural practice and not a religious one), anyone with basic critical thinking skills can see this is just an attempt at stirring up and normalizing anti-Muslim sentiment. The organizer of the event, Scott Ryan Presler, has attempted to frame the event as a defense of American values, despite the mass of anti-Muslim rhetoric that has accompanied the announcement of the event. Anyone with an axe to grind against the Muslim community has volunteered to help organize. In Colorado that includes Cindi Weller Turchik of Parker, Colorado, the III%ers, and everyone’s favorite Keystone cops, the Proud Boys.

Anti-Muslim sentiment…

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