Losing Amerikans are Desperate for Victory in Afghanistan


On Tuesday the president bestowed the power upon his satrap of defense, General Mattis, to set troop levels in Afghanistan. In response Thursday, Mattis has committed an additional 4,000 troops to the country to provide support for the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) in counter-insurgency operations to deal with the ever-growing Taliban forces. This comes, tellingly, after Mattis concurred with senator McCain that the united $tates is “not winning” in Afghanistan—an admission of what the world has already known for years. Nevertheless, the renewed interest in afghan involvement is not exclusively a Trump project, as our readers know. The u.$. has been re-insinuating itself into the Afghan war since the waning days of the Obama administration, when it was clear that the Taliban was gathering strength and launching renewed offensives to capture new territory in the country.

Imperialist “news” organs have so far loved to talk about a “resurgent” Taliban…

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