Jewish Community Center Vandalized

Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists


Last weekend this sticker appeared on the door of a Jewish community center in Colorado Springs. KKTV 11 has security camera footage of the people responsible, but the footage is grainy and it’s hard to make out the faces. We have a list of possible suspects, if anyone is interested in actually doing anything about it.

The sticker on the door comes from the same website that provided the stickers that were used in the recent campaign in Southeast Colorado Springs. Since those stickers were placed in locations where concerned citizens had posted flyers about John Dembowski, he seemed a likely candidate.

There are two people in the video, so we thought one of them might have been Dembowski’s buddy, Matthew Hammer.

13782087_1418903524791735_6387447563665958404_n Hammer without a stupid beard.

Hammer posts pro-Nazi garbage on Dembowski’s “anonymous” facebook account.

Hammer also likes to hangout with Dembowski and do Nazi…

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