New Report Shows Indian Air Pollution Kills 1.2 Million Annually

Revolutionary Ecology

According to a new report, compiled by “greenpeace” from various studies on air pollutants and resultant diseases, air pollution in India is responsible for more than 1.2 million premature deaths annually. India ranks with China as having the worst air quality in the world, choked with pollutants in many regions by the heavy industry which powers the productive sector economies that provide the First World with cheap commodities. However, in all the western reports on the issue (be they few and far between) there is almost no talk of responsibility for these deaths, which may soon number in the millions of people every year. The reason this is that one would soon find that although one could blame the Indian bourgeoisie, who grow wealthy off the heavy industry and super-exploitation of their fellow Indians, they ultimately serve even greater riches to the monopoly owners in the First World, whose commodities…

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