On the Death of Otto Warmbier


Otto Warmbier, the amerikan student who was arrested for having stolen a poster while visiting North Korea, has become the subject of great (and hypocritical) debate. First, it must be noted that at the time of this article’s publication, there is yet no evidence to suggest that Otto Warmbier has been violently mistreated, or that he was murdered at the hands of his captors. The media narrative has shifted quite dramatically on this several times, as new facts are presented in the disjointed and unorganized manner that usually accompanies hysterical media hatchet-jobs like this one.. The cause of death was originally thought to be food poisoning, now it is believed to be related to a heart attack, or perhaps an overdose on sleeping medication. Nevertheless, the parents of Otto Warmbier are convinced it is murder. Perhaps it was, but we should instead take this moment to reflect on some glaring…

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