Fighting Oppression

By: thecollective

There seem to me to be two main ways that people come at fighting oppression. One way is to think about how all the things are similar/the same. I think antifa is that style in practice if not in theory. The other way is the style of (for example) Black Lives Matter, which takes a group of people with (what many consider to be) a primary identifying characteristic and organizes around that. To look at these at these models with a critical eye (there are positive aspects to them too, of course), one of these smooshes everyone together to fight a lowest common denominator enemy while the other is prone to competition between oppressed peoples (who has it worst?)… (and also smooshes together people who have little in common, but that’s for a different point).

Some anarchists are in line with one or both of those styles, Others reject the idea of fighting oppression at all, at least as its commonly understood–determining that as much evil has been done in the name of liberating people as in the name of capitalism (for example).

What is a way to fight against people being treated badly that doesn’t fall in to the trap of treating everyone like they’re the same as everyone else? Who has done a good job of recognizing individual autonomy while still addressing the categorical systemic problems of this society? Or is massing people together in groups necessary to make change? Insurrection-from-Italy seemed like it was starting to address some of this, but insurrection-in-the-u.s. seems (at least from the outside) like its taking on characteristics of the leftism of the 60s.

Good luck to us all.


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