Statement Re: John Venezia Park

It’s come to our attention that a bunch of blatantly leftist graffiti has shown up in John Venezia Park in Briargate, featuring Hammer and Sickle iconography, the Anarchist circle A, and slogans like “Left Solida” and “Antifa.” As far as we have been able to determine, no one affiliated with our group was responsible for […]

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Report Back – Co Springs Trans Rights Rally

We had been wondering what the local Nazi’s had been up to ever since their main man William Planer had been arrested on violent felony charges a couple weeks ago. As it turns out, they’ve been up to their same old shit. For two groups that claim no affiliation with each other, The Proud Boys and […]

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Report Back – Co Springs Justice 4 Jesse Rally

The Colorado Springs Proud Boys have been laying low since their embarrassing attempt at holding a rally in Boulder back in June. They’ve been hassling the Socialists, at a brewery because of course, but not much more than that. Just some dudes, grabbing beers and photographing members of a political party. If their Facebook conversations […]

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The Ancaps of Colorado – Josh Miller

Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists

In previous posts we’ve looked at some of the leaders of the Colorado Against ANTIFA/Communism group, which impotently conspired to thwart the red menace that is the immortal science of Marxism-Leninism. Today we’ll take a look at the founder of the group, Josh Miller.


Miller started the Ancap FB group, but from the beginning he wanted it to be a coalition. Witch hunts just aren’t fun by yourself, right?

MillerAnticom Mutual interests include bad hats, questionable economics, and a hatred of commies.

Milleranticom2 Another one of those “dangerous interactions with Antifa” that can’t be substantiated. Is there another Antifa group in Co Springs that is terrifying white dudes? But also we’re weak and afraid of them? So weak you need to form a coalition of everyone to the right of the Clintons to stop us? LOL.

Miller is able to stoke the fires of useful idiots like Meyers with hyperbolic…

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Report Back – Denver March Against Sharia 6/10/17

Denver’s “March Against Sharia” was hot as fuck. Next time we’re going with mesh bloc. The protest itself was about what we’ve come to expect from these freedom loving, small government-advocating, tough guy types: they spend about an hour shouting at leftists behind multiple lines of law enforcement, get bored, and then end their rally […]

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Do You Know This Nazi?

So the folks at the Daily Stormer like to get together and do Nazi shit fairly regularly. They like to hang out and take photos of themselves giving the Nazi salute, like this one: These in-person meet ups augment their delightful online banter. We’re big fans of Aureliuss, who offers some insightful commentary [CW: Racial […]

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Nazi Graffiti in Southeast Colorado Springs — Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists

Over the weekend Nazi stickers of swastikas, SS lightning bolts, and white supremacist stickers reading “Kiss My White Ass” and advocating against interracial relationships popped up in the Deerfield Hills and Soaring Eagles neighborhoods in Southeast Colorado Springs. The SS lightning bolts were the emblem of the Nazi Schutzstaffel(SS). The SS functioned similarly to […]

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