A Statement from Haitian Prisoners Supporting Operation PUSH


Fight Toxic Prisons


The following is a statement is from a group of Haitian prisoners in the FL DOC system who are supporting the prisoner strike slated to begin on Jan 15.

The timing of this statement is particularly relevant, given the anniversary of the largest and most successful slave revolts in history, also known as Haitian Independence Day. On January first, 214 years ago, rebel slaves in the Caribbean inspired slaves worldwide and shook the foundation of the global economy. They set the stage for slave revolts that would sweep the planet, crippling colonialism and toppling empires.

It also comes on the heals of President Trump insulting Haitians by stating they “all have AIDS,” as his administration opted to end the Temporary Protective Status (TPS) which was enacted after an earthquake in 2010 killed 300,000 on the island.

Today, despite all its talk of freedom, the U.S. is home to the largest literal slave population in the world, thanks to mass incarceration policies coupled with the slave clause of the U.S. Constitution’s 13th Amendment. And some of those slaves are preparing for the next uprising.

This statement below was received following publication of the Operation PUSH call to action:


It’s high time to expose the rulers, law makers, and law enforcers in Florida and in this country at large. Therefore we are calling on the people of this state to help put a stop to all the injustice, lies, and deceit once and for all, especially those of us, whom through trickery, have been victimized and as a result are entangled in the web of lies and deceit.

Throughout the presidential campaign, Donald Trump, now this nations president, was adamant about deporting illegal and criminal immigrants. He was met with a hard fight with the governors of the states (especially the Democratic Party). Why? Because immigrants are their bread and butter.

The American people are always been led to believe that their leaders wisely put tax payers dollars to good use to keep the street of this country safe by keeping criminals and the corrections system and off the streets. The truth is tax dollars do not fund prisons, prisoners do. How? Free labor force!!!

Prisons in America are nothing but a different form of slavery plantations and the citizens of the country are walking zombie banks. There are so many Haitians, Jamaican, and Latinos in the FDOC serving sentences that exceeds life expectancy and or life sentences who are not being deported. They use all immigrants, for free Labor and then deport them.

Why flood the system with immigrants waiting to be deported after serving their entire sentence? Because of the benefit. The undeniable truth is Florida prisoners are slaves who work and do not get paid. New age slaves within the prisons system!!!

For more on Operation PUSH, check out this interview with one of the strike organizers

Interested in planning a solidarity demo on NYE or Jan 15? Take your pick of DOC facilities littering the state.
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Living Autonomy: Anarchists Organize Relief Efforts in Florida


Rigole Rise

Recently we spoke with Dezeray about her organizing with Mutual Aid Disaster Relief (MADR) in the weeks since Hurricane Irma and how spaces such as the hub in Tampa are crucial sites for building solidarity and stability during times of crisis. They’ve had an overwhelming amount of support from the local community, especially those who have realized the practice of mutual aid is a part of the work of anarchist, anti-fascist, and anti-racist struggles. The Reverend Dr. Russell Meyer from St. Paul Lutheran Church in Tampa—the church that has provided the building now known as “the hub,”—noted during a sermon following Hurricane Irma, “a week ago these people were known as Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Terrorists. Have you ever seen a terrorist show up to a child with Pedialyte in their hand?”

Although this has not deterred the actions of neo-Confederate groups such as Save Southern Heritage from standing outside across the street taking pictures, filming, and documenting those who enter the space. In the days following Hurricane Irma Alt-Right 4chan users trolled the MADR hotline by making false rescue reports to take away time and resources from those actually in need. 3% Percenters have tried numerous times to call or show up in the space and say there was an emergency, state multiple people were coming to collect all of the supplies, along with a number of other faulty narratives all trying to disrupt their work because of the power that it holds.

With a visit by Richard Spencer in Gainesville, Florida at the University of Florida set for October 19th, a number of Alt-Right white supremacists have already been discussing on 4chan how they are going to use “Stand Your Ground” laws as an excuse to slaughter anti-fascists and turn it into a bloodbath. It is crucial to see how we can learn from and support projects such as these, as the organizers involved are experiencing repression, threats of physical violence, and doxxing for doing this crucial work and need our solidarity now more than ever.

Can you give an update on what’s happened since Irma hit and since the last interview you all did with the Ex-Worker podcast? What’s happened in the past week, especially with the 3%ers and other far-Right groups in the Tampa Bay area that have been antagonistic to your alls work?

In the last week we’ve had numerous trucks go out, a couple trips to Immokalee, Riverview, Dover, Apopkaand St. Pete. We’ve been helping folks get medication that doesn’t keep, like insulin and breathing treatments, because power is out and there’s no refrigeration. We’ve been doing check-ins on folks. As far as the wellness space and convergence center, we’ve had doctors volunteering and coming in to see folks who are undocumented and un- or under-insured.

We have a trauma councilor on stand-by, and we’ve been doing harm reduction work. We have an acupuncturist and a Reiki practitioner in the center, and we’ve been getting the word out to the community to let folks know that this is a space of convergence that is of, for, and by the community. Meaning there are no leaders and that it’s self-organized. It’s been working beautifully. We are holding on to the space with everything we have so that we are able to continue to provide a space for mobilization in the community.

We want this to be a launching point to other communities that have been hard hit like the other indigenous communities down south, the Migrant farm workers communities, down to the Keys where there is a lot damage and not adequate infrastructure to help folks. We did assessment runs to vulnerable communities, refugee and resettled communities, to see if there was structural damage and if they needed food and water. Through our already established relationships in those communities we were able to get good intel and respond in way they wanted and get their needs meet.

As far as the other shit that comes with anarchist and anti-fascist organizing and mutual aid, we had an individual who we are not sure if they are a 3%er, but they’ve come with three different stories to three different people trying to clear out the supplies we have and cause chaos and panic. We’ve had pro-Confederate folks across the street, filming and taking photos. Those kinds of disruptions we expect and it’s a social statement about fascists and pro-Confederates: their politics are white supremacy and white nationalism and they are not in the streets doing the work. It’s anarchists and comrades in movements that are in the streets doing the work, that ensuring the agency and self-determination of communities is restored and respected, and that we are responding in the way these communities request.

How many trucks and how many tons of food and supplies would you estimate you’ve sent out this week?

We sent out an 18 ft truck loaded to the ceiling with supplies to Immokalee. I would say numerous tons of supplies: hundreds of cases of water and hundreds of gallons of water. We set up a medical clinic in Immokalee. Yesterday we sent out 6 trucks to Immokalee for a second run.

We sent another truck to a farmer worker association and a community center in Apopka. We’ve had cars driving around the state to meet people at their homes to provide to them. Over the last week, we’ve constantly felt at risk of not having enough supplies and then the community comes together and we have rooms that are full and ready to be sent out.

Do you have updates on Immokalee, Jacksonville, or the Keys, where people are just getting back in?

I think those assessments are best made by people who live there so we are waiting for assessments from people on the ground. I think in a couple days we will have a good idea from people who live there. We are reaching out to indigenous communities in the southwest and following up with areas and people with whom we’ve already had contact to see how we can continue to support.

How much longer will this space be open?

This space is provided by St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, who sheltered people they didn’t know during the storm. We didn’t have a prior relationship with them. They opened the space and offered it to us to have the convergence center in. We are holding on with our fingernails and teeth to the space, because this is a space in which people have come just to get some time to sit with community and recover and have harm reduction work done and just have a space to rest and organize with other folks. While we are not sure how long this space will be available, I think this space will have a transformation at the end of the month because there are costs associated with it. We are going to try to meet those costs. We don’t know exactly what the transformation is going to look like but if we are not here we will be somewhere else.

This organizing model comes out of your experience in Katrina and Haiti. By having this hub and space you all have helped a lot of people around the state and having a dedicated space has been key to that. How do you think other people can spread, build and work with this model? What have you all done in the years prior to make this kind of response possible?

The thing that is key is our established networking community. We are involved in Food Not Bombs, radical refugee solidarity work, and disaster relief in other areas with solidarity-not-charity based groups. So having a network and being involved in the community in the first place is key, and our Black Lives Matter comrades here have been a huge part of making this space what it is. So having the network and working in the community is the first thing. Mutual Aid Disaster Relief was brought about by folks that have done the work. I was in the lower ninth for two months after Katrina. There were folks who spent a lot of time there, founded the Common Ground Relief collective, and saw how self-organization and leaderless anarchist-based work supported community self-determination and broke with traditional “aid” relationships and didn’t other people.

This approach of empowering people has flourished here. Every day I come in the space is more gorgeous, there’s new signs, art work, new stations and I think empowering people has magical and powerful results. And this is what is beat out of us every day in a capitalist system, and that’s what we can see here, that the quality of the oil shows when the oil is pressed. I think this space could be recreated anywhere there is a community ready to empower each other and work in cooperation.

The original forecast was for Tampa to be hit hard. When that didn’t happen it seems like you all turned this space into a regional or state-wide hub for support. How did that happen? How did you build those relationships?

Fortunately, we have comrades that we’ve worked a lot with in the south and who have been killing themselves doing the work now. Up until the night of the hurricane we didn’t know what and where was being hit. The media plays it up so much and there’s really no independent meteorologist, as far as I know, that can give us information without hype. So all the reports were “Florida is going to be wiped off the map.” Doomsday everywhere you looked. I think that hysteria was an obstacle in knowing what to expect. But after we starting reaching out and the model is to reach out to groups who are doing grassroots, solidarity-based, empowering work in the streets, on the ground, non-bureaucratic, no red tape, where there’s no tickets, no applications, nothing.

It’s like mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. That’s the key. So some of those structures were already in place and if we don’t have contacts we reach out and plug in in a respectful way, realizing people are dealing with trauma and post-traumatic stress.

How do you think the organizing with change over the next few weeks?

We’ve been super active in the Tampa bay area between Food Not Bombs, Love Has No Borders, Black Lives Matter, and Restorative Justice Coalition. All of these groups have been incredibly active and all these people have close relationships. We will continue to do the work from the spaces we have been doing the work from. But this has been a validation of how self-organization and solidarity and empowerment-based work actually plays out. You can see the mechanisms moving. It’s very healing, and in doing the work that healing occurs. And if this space is no longer available I think people will continue to organize both independently and together.

How can people in the region or outside plug in and support, especially from afar?

Our website is mutualaiddisasterrelief.org. You can plug in by reaching out to any of the grassroots, autonomously organizing groups on the ground that I mentioned above. Any of these groups here in Tampa doing the work on the ground can plug people in. If they want to get involved in their own areas, I would suggest looking for other groups that are self-organizing and reach out and begin that solidarity work.

We also have a social media presence on TwitterInstagram and in the Facebook group Irma Decentralized Response. We are supporting the folks working in Houston and Baton Rouge and want to amplify those struggles. People can donate and support from afar by sending money, via the Amazon wishlist on our site, and by organizing in their own communities. For people in the region, state and Tampa Bay area, coming to the space and helping organize and build solidarity is the best, most critical, and direct way to contribute.

Source: https://itsgoingdown.org/living-autonomy-anarchists-organize-relief-efforts-florida/

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University of Florida denies white nationalist event request, citing safety concerns

By Sarah Larimer

The University of Florida has denied a request to rent space on its campus for an event that was expected to bring white nationalist leader Richard Spencer to the public flagship school next month.

The decision to deny the National Policy Institute’s request was detailed in a message from university President W. Kent Fuchs, which was posted to Facebook on Wednesday. Spencer is president of the institute, which is headquartered in Northern Virginia.

“Amid serious concerns for safety, we have decided to deny the National Policy Institute’s request to rent event space at the University of Florida,” Fuchs said in the statement. “This decision was made after assessing potential risks with campus, community, state and federal law enforcement officials following violent clashes in Charlottesville, and continued calls online and in social media for similar violence in Gainesville such as those decreeing: ‘The Next Battlefield is in Florida.’”

The institute had contacted the school to “reserve space for a speaking event”  Sept. 12, according to a previous message from Fuchs. In a statement posted on Saturday, he explained that the proposed event would have featured Spencer. He said that “no student groups or other groups affiliated with the university” had sponsored the proposed speech.

“I find the racist rhetoric of Richard Spencer and white nationalism repugnant and counter to everything the university and this nation stands for,” Fuchs said in his statement Wednesday. “That said, the University of Florida remains unwaveringly dedicated to free speech and the spirit of public discourse. However, the First Amendment does not require a public institution to risk imminent violence to students and others.

“The likelihood of violence and potential injury — not the words or ideas — has caused us to take this action.”

Spencer did not immediately return an email seeking comment Wednesday. The institute also did not immediately return a request for comment.

“I signed an agreement and sent it in to the event coordinator,” Cameron Padgett, the man who was trying to set up the UF event, told the Associated Press. “I don’t know who’s advising them on why they think they can do this.”

Padgett is affiliated with the institute, according to the AP, which wrote that he plans to file “a legal challenge.”

“Should the National Policy Institute challenge this legally, we are prepared to vigorously defend the president’s decision,” Janine Sikes, a UF spokeswoman, told The Post.

Asked if the university had ever denied such a speaking request before, Sikes responded: “We’re not aware, at least in recent history, that we have.”

UF’s decision comes after crowds of white nationalists and white supremacists clashed with counterprotesters last weekend in Charlottesville, home to the University of Virginia. One person was killed and 19 others wounded Saturday when a car plowed through a crowd of counterprotesters, and two state police officers died in a helicopter crash.

“Truly, what happened in Charlottesville over the weekend, we were looking at this request differently before that, and after, post-Charlottesville, our law enforcement reached out,” Sikes said. “We just had some bigger concerns, in terms of safety and security of our students, faculty, staff, and any visitors.”

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) said Wednesday that he had spoken with Fuchs, as well as Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell. Scott said he told officials that he would “help provide any security they need.”

“No one should be doing anything that creates violence,” he said. “I’ve talked to them a few times, and I’ve also talked to the [Gainesville] police chief, Tony Jones, there, and said the same thing. My focus there is to make sure that whatever decision the University of Florida makes, we make sure there’s public safety.”

On Monday, Texas A&M University announced that a “White Lives Matter” event scheduled to be held on its campus Sept. 11 had been canceled. Texas A&M also cited safety concerns when announcing its decision.

Texas A&M said in a statement that it canceled the event after “consultation with law enforcement and considerable study.” The planned outdoor event, scheduled by Preston Wiginton, was expected to be held at Rudder Plaza,  in the middle of campus in College Station. Wiginton is a former Texas A&M student. He wasn’t invited by any campus groups, and no campus groups had agreed to sponsor him, the university said.

A media notification about Wiginton’s event was headlined: “Today Charlottesville Tomorrow Texas A&M,” which A&M noted in its statement about its cancellation.

“Linking the tragedy of Charlottesville with the Texas A&M event creates a major security risk on our campus,” that statement said. “Additionally, the day-long event would provide disruption to our class schedules and to student, faculty and staff movement (both bus system and pedestrian).”

Wiginton has denied that the words were a reference to the violence that unfolded in Charlottesville.

This post has been updated.

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Confront Augustus Invictus’ “White Genocide” Event on September 23rd

Augustus Sol Invictus, the self-named fascist attorney from Florida, has now tried to re-Christen himself as an activist after his Sentatorial bid blew up in flames. Known for his Thelemic religion, his public goat sacrifice, his hobnobbing with neo-Nazi skinheads, and for shaking things up in the Florida Libertarian Party, Invictus is trying to insert […]

via Confront Augustus Invictus’ “White Genocide” Event on September 23rd — Anti-Fascist News

Man in Florida Told the Police He Killed Neo-Nazi Roommates for Disrespecting His Muslim Faith


A man in Florida who shot two of his roommates dead gave an unusual defense, the authorities say: they were neo-Nazis who had disrespected his recent conversion to Islam.

The arrest of the gunman, who said he had also been a neo-Nazi before becoming Muslim, led to the discovery that a fourth roommate had been stockpiling materials that could be used to create a bomb, according to a federal criminal complaint. That roommate, a member of the Florida National Guard, kept a picture of Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, on his dresser, the authorities said.

Both men are now in custody. The accused gunman, Devon Arthurs, 18, has been charged with two counts of murder, and his surviving roommate, Brandon Russell, 21, has been charged with two counts related to the explosive material and devices.

Authorities first became involved on Friday evening when Mr. Arthurs took three people hostage at gunpoint at a head shop in Tampa, according to an affidavit from the Tampa Police. He was arrested soon after.

The police said Mr. Arthurs told his hostages that he had killed someone and that he was furious over American bombings of Muslim countries; he was convinced by police officers responding to the incident to let the hostages leave and to surrender.

He then told the officers that two of his roommates were dead, according to the affidavit, and guided the police to the apartment where they found the bodies of the two roommates, Jeremy Himmelman, 22, and Andrew Oneschuk, 18. The fourth roommate, Mr. Russell, was standing outside the apartment crying and wearing “full U.S. Army camouflage.”

Later, Mr. Arthurs confessed to shooting Mr. Himmelman and Mr. Oneschuk, describing the weapon he had used and other key details. He said that all four roommates had been friends, “with a common neo-Nazi belief,” until Mr. Arthurs’s recent conversion to Islam, according to the affidavit.

“Since then, Arthurs stated, he has become angered by the world’s anti-Muslim sentiment,” the affidavit says, adding, “Arthurs also stated that, prior to the murder, he had been privy to neo-Nazi internet chat sites threatening to kill people and he had developed a thinking that he should take some of the neo-Nazis with him.”

Lyssa Himmelman, a sister of Jeremy Himmelman, told the Tampa Bay Times that neither her brother nor Mr. Oneschuk were neo-Nazis, as Mr. Arthurs claimed.

According to a federal criminal complaint, Mr. Arthurs also told the police that Mr. Russell, in whose room officers found Nazi and white supremacist propaganda, had, in chat rooms, “threatened to kill people and bomb infrastructure.”

A search of a garage below the apartment on Friday and early Saturday morning led to the discovery of “a white-cake-like substance” that federal and police technicians recognized as an explosive, as well as other substances and parts that could be used to detonate explosives, including ammonium nitrate contained in a package addressed to Mr. Russell.

Mr. Russell, who was arrested on Sunday in Key Largo, confirmed to law enforcement officials that he was member of Atomwaffen, a neo-Nazi group, and that he had manufactured the “white-cake-like substance,” the authorities said. He told the F.B.I. that he had been planning to use the substance to “boost homemade rockets and to send balloons into the atmosphere for testing.” The F.B.I. agent who wrote the affidavit on which the complaint was based, Timothy A. Swanson, expressed skepticism about Mr. Russell’s explanation, given the volatility of the substance.

An F.B.I. spokeswoman declined to explain why Mr. Russell had been allowed to go to Key Largo, which is about five hours away from Tampa, or what he had been doing there, citing the active nature of the investigation.

The Southern Poverty Law Center identifies the Atomwaffen Division as an active neo-Nazi hate group, and the Anti-Defamation League, in a blog post in December, said that the group was particularly active on college campuses.

TFSRadio: Sabal Trail Pipeline Resistance in Florida and “Antipolitika” newspaper in ex-Yugoslavia


Airs on WSFM-LP 103.3 in Asheville / streaming at AshevilleFM from 3am EST on February 20th through February 26th then podcasting at archive.org. Also airing this week on KOWA-LPFM in Olympia, WA, KWTF in Bodega Bay, CA, and WCRS-LP Columbus Community Radio 98.3 and 102.1 FM, & 90.9 FM on KWRK-LP in Fairbanks, Alaska! Past episodes can be found at TheFinalStrawRadio.NoBlogs.Org and you can now subscribe to us via iTunes! You can email us at thefinalstrawradio@riseup.net and you can send us mail at:

The Final Straw
c/o AshevilleFM
864 Haywood rd
Asheville, NC 28806

Sabal Trail Resistance
This week we’re sharing a conversation we had with Karrie and Niko, two folks involved in the initiative called Sabal Trail Resistance. The immediate goal of Sabal Trail Resistance is to block the Sabal Trail Pipeline, actually a series of 3 pipelines meant to run through Georgia, Alabama and Florida, carrying pressurized natural gas. We spend about a half an hour of this episode chatting about the route, who’ll be effected, the companies behind the pipeline, environmental racism, decolonization and other related topics.

Coming up, they plan a weekend of action February 23-27, including an action against prisons and in solidarity with longterm Indigenous political prisoner, Leonard Peltier.

More on their project can be found at https://sabaltrailresistance.wordpress.com and http://stopsabaltrail.com

After that, we’re spreading a 10 minute interview between comrades at FrequenzA out of Hamburg, Germany, published in English at the end of January. From https://frequenza.noblogs.org:
“The interview is about the first issue of ‘antipolitika’, released in summer 2016 with the topic antimilitarism. The anarchist newspaper consists of statements and articles from ex-yugoslavia and greece and is dedicated towards a broader public.”

Updates on Sean Swain
Before these words from anarchist prisoner Sean Swain, we have a quick update on his dietary situation. We’ve just gotten word that Sean resumed eating on his 50th day of hunger strike. He is still not being given a halal diet in line with his practice of Islam, and neither are other Muslim prisoners in Ohio, but he’s said that the administration is considering the move. He’s achieved the other demands that he was hungerstriking for. If you’d like to see Sean and other adherents to Islam in Ohio prisons during this age of increasing Islamophobia be able to at least eat according to their faith’s dietary practices, give a call to Ohio Governor, John “JWow” Kasich. You can call JWow at 614 466 3555, that’s The Honorable Governor of Ohio, John Kasich at 614 466 3555. You can also write to him via
Governor Kasich
77 South High Street
Columbus, OH 43215-6117
And request that Sean Swain, prisoner #243-205 who’s being held at Warren Correctional, be allowed to eat according to his faith.

Reporting ICE Raids on Social Media
As many of yall are aware, there has been a lot of concern and fear regarding Immigration and Customs Enforcement (or ICE) checkpoints recently. Given the rising tide of overt xenophobia and racism in this country, these concerns are valid, and there has been a lot in the way of confirmed raids and detentions by ICE. However, the use of social media in these situations is something that can both help and hurt the situation, both being an effective way to broadly communicate an issue and a platform for a whole lot of unsubstantiated claims and rumors.

In an effort to battle this aspect of social media use, I’d like to plug a resource that DRUM put out some time ago. DRUM stands for Desis Rising Up and Moving, and they are a NYC based group which “is a multigenerational, membership led organization of low-wage South Asian immigrant workers and youth in New York City.

Founded in 2000, DRUM has mobilized and built the leadership of thousands of low-income, South Asian immigrants to lead social and policy change that impacts their own lives- from immigrant rights to education reform, civil rights, and worker’s justice. Our membership of over 2,400 adults, youth, and families is multigenerational and represents the diaspora of the South Asian community – Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Guyana, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Trinidad.”

They have put out a very useful resource entitiled “A Brief Guide for Reporting Raids on Social Media”, which we will link to directly in our blog. Basically it cautions against the spreading of unsubstantiated information and provides a step by step guide for what to do if you witness something:


To see more about DRUM you can visit http://www.drumnyc.org/

Support Krow
From our comrades at supportkrow.org:

On February 4, while supporting the No DAPL struggle, Krow (Katie Kloth) was assaulted and arrested by a Bureau of Indian Affairs officer (there is video of the incident below). She was walking on a public road, away from the Sacred Stone camp, when she was chased down by the officer. It is believed that she was specifically targeted because of her ongoing involvement and visibility within the No DAPL resistance, which had resulted in two arrests on misdemeanor charges previous to this incident. Krow was also known at Standing Rock for being an advocate for creating a unified front in fighting the pipeline.

Krow has been charged with violation of felony probation and is being held at Morton County Correctional Center. The probation is from previous charges in Wisconsin stemming from an environmental protest against mining in the Penokee Hills in 2013, for which she served nine months in jail. After a recent bail reduction hearing, Krow was assigned a cash-only bail of $100,000. The stipulations of the judge require that the bail be paid in full. Even if the full bail is paid, it is likely that Morton County would refuse to release Krow. We are currently working with lawyers and legal teams in North Dakota and Wisconsin to figure this out. Donations to support Krow will go towards paying lawyers, commissary, postage, travel for supporters visiting Krow, and/or bail. Krow has stated that she wants the bail paid.

We fear for Krow’s safety and well-being, especially in light of her assault and the severe mistreatment other water protectors have received in this particular facility.

Krow is an activist, artist, forager, sustainable farmer, biologist, and amazing person loved by many within the environmental movement. We need to show her as much solidarity and support as we can at this vital time. In Krow’s own words, “We must negate state repression by protecting ourselves and land-bases therein; we must not give our people up, and recognize that to be in solidarity with one another is more akin to the idea of ‘harmony’ than ‘unity.’ Harmony implies that we can all do different things within the same song, and still find conclusion together.”

Whether you are a direct action environmental activist or simply support the No DAPL struggle and protection of the land and all of its people, join us in supporting Krow, in solidarity with all things wild and free.

Contact Krow’s support team at supportkrow[at] riseup.net
You can also donate to Krow’s legal fund at http://supportkrow.org/

Resisting Snitching in Berkeley
From the Anti Repression Committee in Oakland:

ARC is aware that UC Berkeley PD is circulating images of individuals who they claim are associated with the Berkeley anti-Milo protest on February 1. They are actively seeking information about these individuals, and are asking anyone with information to contact them.

We want to remind everyone NOT to assist UC Berkeley PD in their investigation, EVEN IF it seems like the information you give is harmless. Remember that even minor information, like identifying a “witness,” can be used to increase surveillance of activist communities. Police use this kind of information to map activist networks and harass them. In the current political climate, the state is looking for ways to clamp down on dissent and resistance. Let’s not help them do that.

Remember that you have NO LEGAL OBLIGATION to talk to police or FBI if contacted about the protest. They may try to make you feel intimidated, but you ALWAYS have the right to remain silent. If you are contacted by phone, email, letter, or in person, either ignore the correspondence, or tell the officer that you decline to speak with them.

If you are contacted, immediately call the National Lawyers Guild at 415-285-1041 so that they can give you legal advice, and also so that they can be aware of police/FBI activities.

Finally: DO NOT post or circulate the UC Berkeley PD webpage with pictures of individuals. We do not want to signal boost anything that will increase surveillance and targeting of our communities.

NC J20 Defense
As always, you can help support our comrades who got kettled in DC by donating to http://ncj20defense.com/

Playlist: http://www.ashevillefm.org/node/19229


Sabal Trail Pipeline Construction Blockaded on MLK Day

[UPDATE: There were 8 arrests today, two were charged with felonies and will see a judge in Suwannee County at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning. Supporters are invited to attend the hearing at the courthouse, located at 200 S Ohio Ave, Live Oak, FL 32064.] Live Oak, Florida — A group of water protectors who are […]

via Sabal Trail Pipeline Construction Blockaded on MLK Day — Sabal Trail Resistance #StopSabalTrail #NoMorePipelines